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First experiences from an open source project for a conceptional aircraft design tool

(Sven Ziemer / Bauhaus-Luftfahrt)


Open Source im Einsatz

Datum und Uhrzeit:

Montag, 9. Mai 2011 von 12:00 bis 12:40 Uhr


This contribution discusses collaboration and communication in an OSS project with respect to legal issues. The paper is based on the experiences from a German OSS project within the aeronautics industry.
In recent years Open Source Software (OSS) has increasingly become an alternative to commercial software for software vendors (providing their products as open source) and industrial users of software (using OSS in their operations) [Fit06]. The open source model is, however, not limited to an alternative way of distributing software and may potentially result in different approaches to collaboration, communication and knowledge management
with respect to software development. The usage of OSS in an industrial context is shaped by the expectations and goals to OSS as well as by the willingness to understand OSS development and to deal with new opportunities and challenges introduced by OSS. There are, thus, many ways to benefit from OSS. As a result, industries with no prior experience in using OSS are interested in testing whether the OSS model is a
viable form of developing software products to be used by these industries.
The Open Source for Concept Innovation (OSCI) project at Bauhaus-Luftfahrt is as an example of such an evaluation of OSS, involving project partners from the aeronautics industry. The primary goal of the OSCI project is the application of open source concepts, methods and tools in an aeronautics context. The development of a tool for conceptual aircraft design is a showcase to demonstrate whether such a tool can be developed by using OSS and how a software project can benefit from the support of an active user community producing added value.


Sven Ziemer studied computer science, mathematics and psychology at the University of Trondheim (Norway). After majoring on object-oriented data¬bases he worked several years as developer and project manager for a major ICT company in Norway. He received a PhD degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) for his work on software engineering and decision making. After his PhD he continued to work for NTNU on a European research project on open source software and as a lecturer in software engineering. In 2009 he moved to Munich (Germany) to work for Bauhaus Luftfahrt as a Software Expert.

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